Clink (Centre of excellence for Learning, Innovation, Networking and Knowledge) is an EU (ERUSMUS MUNDUS) project, aims to foster partnerships of emerging Asian countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, China, India, Malaysia and Thailand) with the EU countries (Germany, Romania, Hungary, France, and UK) to reinforce the existing collaborations developed through the EAST-WEST Asia Link project, eLINK and eTourism. The key objective of the cLINK consortium is to enhance the capacity for international cooperation between universities in the Asian and EU countries by facilitating transfer of people, know-how, culture and best practice in training the next generation of researchers and academic staff.

The cLINK project aims

(i) to develop new and enhance existing co-operative teaching links and

(ii) to enhance established co-operative research on contemporary technology enhanced solution (for example, ehealth, green technology, cyber security etc.) and

(iii) to enhance academic networks between HEIs of Asia and EU for sustainable scientific, social and economic benefit for all partners.


cLINK will also form a collaborative framework for human resource development through the training and upgrading of skills of the faculty staff members, undergraduate students, postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers in ‘Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning’, ‘Business Studies and Management Science’, ‘Education and Teacher training’, ‘Engineering and Technology’ and ‘Medical Sciences’ areas. The project will allow the enhancement of the knowledge and skills of teaching staff and students by introducing the latest skills and methods using the information and communications technology. In addition to the selected subjects related the academic activities, cLINK will also include research on contemporary issues of the participating countries, particularly the health, green communications, disaster management, cyber security, green energy and disseminate the research outcomes through high quality publications.

cLINK Team in the KickOff Meeting (8-11 September 2012)  in Chengdu, China

Summary of the project achievement and accomplishment : Click Here