Result for Cohort III - Click here


Result for Cohort II - Click here

*All PhD candidates must start (reach to EU) by end of July 2014

Cohort 1 (Part II for September 2013)

Selected Candidates for September 2013 Session - click here

*The rest of the EU Partner Universities will publish their results soon

Cohort 1 (part I for January/February 2013)

Selected Candidates for January/February 2013 - click here

Reserve Candidates: Reserve candidate will be offered only if corresponding selected candidate is declined. All right reserve to the host EU institutions.


Following criteria were used for candidate selection (Priority list):

• Academic profile
• Disadvantaged candidates
• Gender balance
• Matching of background of the candidate and host institution
• Balancing of candidates among the home and host institutions
• Evidence of language skill etc.


If you have any query/complain regarding your application, please email to the following cLINK contacts:

• For any query: Team Leader of the corresponding Host institution (EU)
• For any complain: Project Co-ordinator