Cohort-3, Call-1 Scholarships for 2014/2015  

Application Deadline 30 November 2014

The distribution will be as follows:

Undergraduate: 10 (see the table of subject area)

Post graduate (Masters): 14 (see the subject area)

PhD: 3 (Please see the area below)

Post-doc: 7 (please see the proposals below)

Academic staff: 15 (See the subject area below)

Important Note: For third cohort, no application for Post-doc fellow will be accepted for UK universities, but in other partners in other countries will be accepted. The PhD application will be accepted only for UK universities.

The new possible funding arrangements for the third cohorts are (Variable to funding availability):

Undergraduate (10): 10-12 months (only for target group 1 & 3)

Post graduate (14): 10-12 months (depend on the funding availability)

PhD (3): 12-16 months (only for UK universities)

Post-doc (7): 10 months (no application for UK universities)

Academic staff (15): standard duration 

Subject area for all candidates

PhD and Post-doc Research Theme and Areas: Main theme is 'Technology Enhanced Solution'; application domains: Health Informatics, Green Communication, Green Energy, Bussiness Process Automation; Disaster Management; Learning and Teaching; Cyber Security etc.

Possible PhD study Outline (not limited to)

Post-doc proposals from different EU universities


Important Note: All candidates must check the scopes of the target EU universities through their website before application.